Displays at Beach Life Festival, Eastbourne

Ground Displays at Beach Life Festival

VW Campervan at Beach Life festival, Eastbourne


Kick back... relax...

Visitors can get a taste for an extreme experience of their own too with many activities to have a go yourself! 

Skating is another huge part of the festival with a freestyle skate park takeover for practicing stunts, and the only outdoor roller derby tournament in Europe which will be back challenging teams across the country!

Skating @ Fishermans Green

Join Skate World skaters and instructors for this Festival of skating at Eastbourne's Beach Life festival....plus games and prizes!

Eastbourne Sk8school provide skating displays along with the ever popular Roller Derby at the Cage, Fisherman's Green.

Inspire Bike demo

Inspire Demo team


On the ground, the awesome Inspire Shows freestyle bike team will be providing jaw dropping demonstrations of tail whips, back flips and 360’s. All mixed up with some incredible free running for the real adrenaline junkie.

The inspire show team combines two disciplines together for the ultimate adrenaline fuelled display. Witness jaw dropping stunts as Free runners do flips in the air & MTB Trials riders make massive leaps across structures! They will push the limits and drive each other to perform an amazing spectacle you will not forget!

VW Bus Stop

VW Bus Stop at Eastbourne Beach Life FestivalIf you prefer to leave the action to the experts, then Beach Life Festival is the perfect event to kick back and chill out at. What better way than with the VW Bus Stop Tour who are back as their colourful VW Camper Vans line the promenade on Sunday bringing an authentic surfer's paradise to Eastbourne beach!

Roller Derby!

Roller Derby at Beach Life Festival


Beach Life Festival hosts a variety of sports competitions for audiences to watch including the only outdoor roller derby tournament in Europe which will be back to challenge teams from across the country.

Saturday see's the home team showcase as they take on the rest of the world. On Sunday get ready for the Seaside Sevens as the teams battle it out to be crowned champion!


Swoove at Beach Life Festival EastbourneCome along to Swoove with Maria at Beach Life Festival! Swoove Fitness is a new dance fitness class that is going to take the world by storm! Sing, whoop & move to burn over 800 calories in an hour! Whoop Whoop!

John Davis Funpark

John Davis FunparkA travelling traditional funfair attracting local and staying visitors.

With a broad range of attractions, there is something for everyone! With one flat fee, you can ride as many rides as you like!

Yoga with Olga

Yoga with Olga OakenfoldClasses designed to improve the posture; bring extra strength, flexibility and awareness of the body. Relaxation and Meditation help you to calm the mind. Suitable for everyone.